Friday, October 29, 2010

Not too much has changed. We are still trying to get Kjerstin to take her medicine & help lower her anxiety. I can't wait until we get past this stage. A friend did help give me perspective. He said, "I remember you on the phone just a few months ago in tears wishing that your sister would live & if the only thing you had to deal with was screaming, cussing fits than you could do that because you would have your sister. He was right. Sometimes, it gets hard & we just have to be thankful that we have her & get our perspective back. Its just that its been over4 months & it hasn't really gotten any easier. We will get there though.

She is smiling a bit more. However, she doesn't like to let Mom out of her sight. She likes her Vision Therapy doctor & she only has to go one day a week to therapy. She does have exercises that she has to do at home in between appointments. She's not real sure about the psychologist yet, but I think once she figures out that this is a safe place to share all her feelings & frustrations, she won't complain about going.

Please continue to pray for her. She feels a little lost right now.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Sorry for the lag in blogging. So much going on.....where to start? Kjerstin is adjusting pretty good. You just never quite know what will set her off. Her anxiety is through the roof and we have been having 20 minute screaming fits here and there. She curses all the time & whatever she thinks comes out of her mouth. The doctor says this is all part of it. That the part of the brain that controls this heals last. At least it's progress, even if it is frustrating.

I think Mom had as hard of a time adjusting back home as Kjerstin did. She said she is just tired all the time. I imagine so! We have almost gotten all the appointments, paperwork, etc. done. Insurance is enough to make a person crazy! One day someone is in network & you make all the appointments & then the next day they are out of network & we have to find all new therapists & make new appointments. UGGHHHH!!!! We met/interviewed 4 psychologists looking for someone we liked and someone that had experience with children with brain injuries. Let me tell you they are few & far between. We think we have found one. Kjerstin has her first appointment today. Say a prayer. Kjerstin does not want to go to a psychologist. Mom is also having a terrible time getting her to take her medicine. Kjerstin freaks out about taking medicine for some reason.

Kjerstin has finished physical therapy, occupational therpay & speech therapy. She was very excited about being finished. She has started vision therapy & is seeing a psychologist to help her navigate her recovery. She is going to school in Mulvane 2 hours a day & likes it. She said everyone is very nice to her at school. She doesn't have but a few aquaintances there, but she has made a couple new friends. We hope that next week or so she will be bale to go half a day. She desperately wants to be normal and cries every day. We are working with her to help her realize it is a MIRACLE she is alive and that it is frustrating but we can't be the victim. We have to hold our head, be thankful for what we can do & go on with life. I can't say that if I was in her position I wouldn't cry everyday to! Talk about having your world turned upside down. And on top of it when you are a of the hardest times of your life.

We had the golf tournament & it well. THANK YOU SO MUCH TO EVERYONE WHO HELPED MAKE IT POSSIBLE. We had a great turnout at her welcome home party. She was very glad to see everyone. Thank you for coming.

I will update more often. I know a lot of people have been asking. I think I just finally hit a brick wall & was exhausted after 3 1/2 months. I apologize. I have just been a bit overwhelmed with everything.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sorry for the delay in blogging.....I think we are somewhat settled in now...well at least for today. From here forward I am going to try to blog every other day. I know many of you look forward to it. There has just been so much going on. It's like...ugghhhh....when does it end? So, where to start? How about last night & we will work from there.

Mom calls me talking so loud & crazy that I couldn't understand her! When I got her to calm down, I finally understood a pipe burst in the basement & was spraying all over like a sprinkler. We all went over to help & talk about a mess! From the ceiling to the floor, everything was wet! We just moved a ton of stuff in the storage room from rearranging rooms to get Kjerstin home! Couldn't it have busted like 4 days before when that room was nearly empty? The bedroom, hall, bathroom & storage room all got wet. From Christmas decorations to antiques to keepsakes. When I got there, Dad looked like he was about to cry & Mom, well, Mom is so far gone I don't think it even phased her! They do have insurance, but what a mess!

Kjerstin is still having some problems with her eyes, so she is going to have to have some additional testing and then vision therapy. We are with insurance to see if they will cover part of it since it was caused by the accident. We haven't heard back yet, though. She cries everyday now, but we are working on it. She just wants everything to be like it used to be. Can't say I don't blame her. We all do too. However, God has a plan, and we must have Faith. Gosh! Can you imagine what it was like for Job when he lost his wife & kids as a test of his faith. I can't even begin to imagine.

Kjerstinis excited about her Welcome Home Party on Saturday. It's starts at 5;30 at the Derby Public Library and is a come & go event. Please wear your Kjerstin shirts to the Welcome Home Party to show her support. If you need a shirt, I have them in brown & lime green in all sizes. we will also have them at her party! Hope to see you there.

Please don't forget the golf tournament on Saturday. We still need golfers! Please continue to pray for Kjerstin. This is a very tough time for her.