Friday, October 29, 2010

Not too much has changed. We are still trying to get Kjerstin to take her medicine & help lower her anxiety. I can't wait until we get past this stage. A friend did help give me perspective. He said, "I remember you on the phone just a few months ago in tears wishing that your sister would live & if the only thing you had to deal with was screaming, cussing fits than you could do that because you would have your sister. He was right. Sometimes, it gets hard & we just have to be thankful that we have her & get our perspective back. Its just that its been over4 months & it hasn't really gotten any easier. We will get there though.

She is smiling a bit more. However, she doesn't like to let Mom out of her sight. She likes her Vision Therapy doctor & she only has to go one day a week to therapy. She does have exercises that she has to do at home in between appointments. She's not real sure about the psychologist yet, but I think once she figures out that this is a safe place to share all her feelings & frustrations, she won't complain about going.

Please continue to pray for her. She feels a little lost right now.

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