Wednesday, June 30, 2010

MRI Results and Current condition

The MRI came back with the results the doctors expected. The brain and brain stem have injuries in various sections. There are several spots that look as if she has had a stroke. They don't know if she will wake up and WHEN she does we will see what functions she has. This first MRI is extremely crucial as it gives a baseline for comparison later on down the road. The doctors had to give her medicine because her brain pressure kept going up. She has pneumonia and they are giving her antibiotics. We will be here for another week or so to get her medically stable and then they will transfer her to a rehab facility. They removed the breathing tube and performed tracheostomy. There was no neck damage so they were able to remove the neck collar.

Please continue to pray. Kjerstin is alive now because of prayer. They originally told us she would be gone by midnight Sunday night!!!

Everyone has been asking how they can help. Thank you so much for what you have done. The food continues to be helpful. We are also going to need your prayers and support for the next couple months. We are in for the long haul. Kjerstin has better stats when someone is with her touching her and talking to her, so as a family we made the decision to keep having someone with her 24/7 for the next couple months. This is going to be a strain on the family with all of us working. So, we may be asking some of you for extra help in the next few weeks. Mom is not going to go back to work after the summer. She is going to be caring for Kjerstin. So, please continue to pray and continue to remember............Remember to hug your kids and loved ones................Remember to drive EXTRA careful and if you see an accident, please pray for all involved even if you don't know them.

I will update this blog every day and every time we visit with the doctor.

God Bless all of You!!



  1. Wendy,
    Thank you for the update. We will continue to pray for a complete recovery for Kjerstin. God bless you and your family.
    Hatfield family

  2. Thanks for the update. We will continue to pray for Kjerstin and the entire family. We are here for what ever you all might need.
    Hinds Family

  3. I am grateful for the updates. I am relaying them to my daughter Kiersten in Tulsa (they've know each other since preschool). I am praying as well as family/Church in Oklahoma.

    Stacey Schofield

  4. Still praying for a great recovery! sending love and prayers from claremore, oklahoma!!

    ~Stengl Family

  5. We have also set up a donation account at Carson Bank. They have 4 branch locations but I only know three. 2 in Mulvane and 1 in Wichita at Douglas and Oliver. The name of the account is Kjerstin Webb Donation Fund. All donations are tax deductible and will be used as for any incidental cost that go with caring for Kjerstin. I am Mike, Wendy's husband and Kjerstins brother in law. We need all the help and prayers you can give. Thank you for everything you have already done. Each night we have come home it has been something. The lawn has been mowed, food has been put in the house. More than we can ever say thank you enough for. I am in Kjerstins room tonight for a while and plan on reading some of the thoughts and posts to her that I find. I am a believer that as long as she has a heart beat and a breath she can hear and feel us.


  6. thank you for the update, it means alot. ive been friends with her since we were both on Derby Dolphins swim team. I would love to help with anything, whenever needed.
    She is always in my thoughts and prayers <3

  7. Never give up. The power of Prayer is awesome and miracles can and do happen. My nephew is proof of the power of prayer and determination. ( We have never met and probably never will, but you are all in our daily prayers. If you don't mind, I plan to link your blog to ours to get the prayers rolling in from there.
    Amy Boeckman
    Corning KS

  8. thank you for the update. We are praying for your family. Bradshaws

  9. We appreciate the updates so much-- thank you! Our thought and prayers continue to be with Kjerstin and your family. We will be in touch to help with whatever is needed.

    The Goad Family

  10. I do not know you and you don't know me...I work at the DRC and the story of Kjerstin's accident came to me from 2 different people who shared with me about the accident and requested that I pray for her. I want to extend my prayers to you. My heart hurts for the family that is affected by this but I know that God is good and God can move mountains so certainly if it is his will, HE will rise Kjerstin up from this accident. It's amazing to hear the stories of how so many people are helping your family through this time. It's so good to know you have a family in Christ that extends beyond what we ever could imagine. I pray for Kjerstin's healing. I pray for the family's strength and energy to hold together! And I will continue to share Kjertins story with other prayer warriors! Love in Christ! Emily McVay

  11. Wendy and family, lifting up Kjerstin and her loved ones in prayer. Mulvane is such a tight community and she really has a lot of people pulling for her. Thank you for taking the time to update as I know getting on the computer has got the be the farthest thing from your mind. I will continue to pray for all of you.

    Marissa Kimble-Wood