Saturday, September 4, 2010

A new bed and wheelchair are in order for Kjerstin! She has moved from the bed that has a canvas net cover around it that you zip up to a regular bed! She does have an alarm on the bed so that if she gets out of bed, the nurse will know. Her wheelchair is just a regular wheelchair that she rarely uses. Such progress in such a short amount of time!

Today we got to go on an outing. She wanted to get a manicure, her hair trimmed and strawberry crepes from Village Inn! There is a wonderful lady that donated her time and gave her a manicure. Then we went and got her hair trimmed. It had not been trimmed since weeks before the accident. We worked on changing her part so that we can cover up the part of her head that was shaved. It looked so good that you can't even tell she had it shaved! Then it was on to Village Inn. She had her strawberry crepes, lemonade & french silk pie. She was in heaven!

Kjerstin's new inserts wouldn't fit in her tennis shoes, because we couldn't take out the insoles that originally came in the shoes. This was causing her feet to hurt, so we went and got her a new pair. She was very happy. Her new inserts fit & she said her feet didn't hurt for the first time!

She would really like to walk without anyone holding onto her belt, but they haven't released her to do that yet. They are letting her walk without any assistance during physical therapy, but otherwise she has to have one of us holding onto her belt. She is still laughing a lot and enjoys all of us here and any visitors that stop by. She played UNO, Life, and some other games. Tonight we put a blonde streak in her hair like she had before. (It was part of the hair that got shaved off when they put her pressure monitor in her brain.) She took a shower & we put some Moroccan Oil on her hair to make it smooth & healthy & Steph straightened it for her. It looks really good. She was really happy with it & she felt a lot better about how she looked. You know teenage girls!

Dad is coming home with us tomorrow, so we have been packing up his things and moving some of Mom's things to the hospital. They were out of hotel rooms tonight because of the Nebraska football game, so we are all sharing a hotel room! Yes, all 9 of us - well all 7 of us. Jerimiah & Braden stayed at the hospital tonight. So much love in this room! Actually, it's not too bad. We have all been getting along well. However, this roll away is HORRID! Nothing like sharing a twin size roll away with your 8 year old! But, it's only for one night & we get to see Kjerstin so it's worth it!

Kjerstin & I worked on putting her make up. She did pretty good. The mascara is a little hard for her & she smears it some, but otherwise she did really good. Getting her ready in the mornings is quite a feat! You have to help her do everything. From bathing her to dressing her to brushing her teeth, make up, deodorant, brushing & blow drying her hair, etc. Girls, just imagine verything you do to get ready & imagine doing all that for another person! By the time her & Mom get ready, it's nap time nearly! It is a full time job for Mom.

We ended the evening by talking, joking & looking at her scrapbooks. Thank you so much to Marvene, Tammy, & all our other friends who helped put those together for her. She really has enjoyed them and so has Mom & Dad.

We told Kjerstin we would have a Welcome Home party for her & her eyes lit up! She is so ready to come home and we are ready for her to be home. As we near her homecoming, please continue to pray & especially pray for her to have patience & perserverance.


  1. Kjerstin would like me to add the fact that you don't need to do it for her, just watch her and make sure its right. Get it right next time.

  2. kj, you are doing so good with your recovery! keep up all the great work and you will be home soon enough!
    stay strong and we are still praying for you!