Thursday, September 2, 2010

Kjerstin tried out the driving simulator and, well.... it didn't go so well. That's Ok, though, we didn't expect her to be ready to drive yet! And besides if Mom is assisting with her driving, she's never gonna pass! We have all seen my mother's driving. There's a reason why the kids refer to her as "Crazy Linda" when she drives..........mailboxes, garage walls, corn fields...... I know Steph is dying laughing right now................All I can think of is Steph screaming, "We're gonna DIE! We're Gonna DIE!! Aww, Steph, it's just corn stalks. We are in Tennessee, who needs roads when we can cut through the field! Oh, the memories Mom has provided us with!

So, back to the simulator.... The driving simulator helps Kjerstin to deal with her fears and anxiety about driving caused by the wreck. It is a wonderful tool that works very well and is completely safe. She is also practicing getting in and out of the car and putting her set belt on and taking it off.

Another area of therapy that she is working on is basic everyday skills like vacuuming or grocery shopping. The hospital has a room set up just like a bedroom that they go and practice in. Mom sent a picture of Kjerstin vacuuming and it said : "Miracles have happened! How many times have you ever seen Kjerstin do this!" That's the truth. Kjerstin did not like vacuuming. Even when she was a baby, she didn't like the "noisy" vacuum. They also have a room set up like a grocery store. Kjerstin is given a list and she has to go and find the items and place them in the cart. She then has to check out and pay and put the items in a bag. It's pretty amazing the things this hospital has. I must say, Madonna Rehab Hospital is an amazing place!

Every time I talk to Kjerstin, she tells me how she wants to come home. I don't blame her one bit, but I just keep encouraging her and telling her the harder she works at therapy, the better she will get so she can go home. She has a calendar hanging in her room that she crosses out the days on to count down the days until she gets to come home. Otherwise, her spirits are good. She is happy and laughs quite a bit. She gets to go on an outing this weekend again. She hasn't decided where she wants to go yet. We are going to play some card games and rent a movie one night. She has decided that. If you have time, would you please drop a card in the mail with some encouraging words in it. I know many of you have already sent cards, but now Kjerstin is at a place where she will be the one opening & receiving mail. I think it would help her tremendously. She has a wreath hanging in her room with all of her cards attached to it by ribbons. It is really neat looking and it would be good practice for her to open and read cards and tie a ribbon on them to hang on her wreath. This will help with her fine motor skills. The address is : Madonna Rehab Hospital, Pediatric Floor, c/o Kjerstin Webb Room L56, 5401 South St., Lincoln, NE 68506.

Please don't forget the golf tournament on October 9! WSU Men's Basketball Coach, Gregg Marshall & his wife, Lynn, will be participating in this event! We hope you will join us! There are more details at or you can contact me at or my cell 316-209-8972.

As you go through this holiday weekend, make sure you tell your loved ones just how much they mean to you. Now is the time, as we have no promise for tomorrow. You may be traveling to see family or you may just stay home. Either way, hug your loved ones and tell them how much they mean to you.

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