Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Kjerstin got to start water therapy today! So from here on out she will being doing some of her therapy in the pool. She said she really liked it. She told me again today that she really wants to come home and that therapy is hard. I told her doing her best and completing therapy is what is going to allow her to come home!

There is some concern with her posture. The therapist said she was concerned Kjerstin might need evaluated for scoliosis. Mom explained that Kjerstin has a slight curvature in her spine prior to the accident that the doctor said was just a hereditary thing, not scoliosis. We are going to have her back checked just in case. She is also flat footed, so they are getting her insoles. The doctor said the insoles will help tremendously with her walking. Kjerstin is just having a hard time standing up straight.

Dad is back to work Monday. So, this weekend we are checking them out of the hotel & Mom will just stay in the Kjerstin's hospital room with Kjerstin for the remaining three weeks. This will help save over $1000! The bills and home improvements have been adding up quickly, so we are trying to save money this way.

We will be painting & doing some drywall work on the house again tomorrow night. Tonight we got quite a bit done. Thank you to everyone that came and helped. We really appreciate it.

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  1. you will be home before you know it, KJ! keep up the great recovery and therapy!
    God is good, All the time!