Monday, August 16, 2010

Kjerstin was very tired today & yesterday. Yesterday she got upset & asked me if this was a nightmare. I explained it wasn't and I was sorry. She cried & cried & said I want it to be a nightmare so I can wake up and it will go away! She kept asking Why? I told her we don't know why but we will get through this. It was so hard. I just wanted to pick her up & hold her & rock her, but she's bigger than me.

Her nightmares are more frequent. We are working with her to get through them. This caused her to have another meltdown on Sunday. This time Dad was with me. It only lasted about 20 minutes. She was confused and thought I had let Mom put her in a ward. We went over why we were there & what we had to do to go home. We got the calendar and circled when she is going to get to go home and marked an "X" on the day we were on. We talked about what day & month it was.

She doesn't remember things from day to day so we have to retell her everything each day. She likes looking at her scrapbook. I think it's because she remembers the things in the scrapbook and it makes her smile. Then she asks what the particular person in the picture is doing now. This is helping with her memory. She did remember throwing acorns at Mom the next day, though, so we are making progress. Mom started playing card games with her. They started tonight with war. Kjerstin knows who wins but she has to be reminded that she needs to put a card out. Mom is going to try to play Uno next and see how she does.

She is still eating well. She ate french toast. It wasn't pureed. We just cut it into very small pieces. She loves chocolate milk and root beer!

Kjerstin's best friend, Jocelyn, has moved to Lincoln and is going to school there until Kjerstin comes back home. Jocelyn visits nearly every day and this has been a tremendous help to Kjerstin and Mom. Kjerstin is at a point where she gets very upset if she is ever alone. If she wakes up and no one is there she will start with one of her meltdowns. Mom & I talked about Mom writing a note on her dry erase board & leaving it on Kjerstin's bed if Mom goes to the bathroom or family room or cafeteria so when Kjerstin wakes up she will know where she is. She is also going to leave her phone and see if Kjerstin will call her. It's exhausting for Mom & Dad to be there constantly, so they are taking turns, so that someone is always there. Dad is going to have to go back to work in a couple weeks. Please pray Kjerstin is past this stage by then so that it isn't so exhausting for Mom when he leaves.

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