Saturday, August 7, 2010

Today was a wonderful day! Kjerstin talked on the phone to a couple people. She is talking very well. She even jokes occasionally. She does best in the morning and after her afternoon nap. Otherwise, she gets tired and doesn't interact much. She smiles and tells us we are crazy or to shut up, in a joking way. She even read a text on my phone today.

Today, she walked, with assistance, from the family room down the hall to her room. All of the staff have remarked at how well she is progressing and how quickly she is doing it. I got to lay in bed with her and visit with her this afternoon. Then we fell asleep for a little while. It was really nice. I am staying the night with her tonight. Sleeping on the vinyl couch! I don't know how Mom does it all week long!

I am so glad that today was a good day for her & that we were all here for it. When she has a good day and we are here, it helps us get through the next week. It's hard working all week, driving up here 5 hours, staying at the hospital all day and sometimes at night, barely getting sleep and then driving back home and starting all over. Jerimiah is exhausted. You can see it in his eyes. But, he's like me & Mom. He'll keep going on empty until she is better.... whatever it takes.

Please pray for Kjerstin & all of the family. Dad is sick, Mom is fighting a cold, Jerimiah is getting sick and we are all tired.


  1. You hear it so often that the caregivers get sick from lack of sleep, exhaustion, stress etc. I know it is so hard but your Mom & Dad need some good sleep and a little time away. It must be so tiring for you all working all week and then driving up there. I will keep praying for you all. Kjerstin is remarkable and truly a miracle. Hang in there.

  2. How's the first night so far? I have to say it's hard not being the one to stay. As she always wants me to, because I'm her favorite, this is the first time away while I'm here. I'm sad to be away from her, but glad to be able to help Weasel with the kids. So many decisions with strong feelings on either end. Man it's tough. Anyway enjoy the vinyl, you'll get used to me!

  3. praying for more great recovery for kj and for strength and great health for the family