Sunday, August 22, 2010

Kjerstin is getting to go out for brief outings now. Mom & Dad get to take her without a therapist. How exciting is that? Kjerstin even put on her own mascara while getting ready to go! Jace went to visit her today & she was so excited to see him!! Aunt Roxie & Uncle Ike were up there this weekend. It made Jerimiah & I feel better that they were there, since we didn't go this weekend. They were all hanging out watching a movie together. And, believe it or not, I have not gotten any phone calls from a crying Kjerstin today! That is a good sign. Hopefully they were either keeping her busy or we are starting to get past this stage.

Therapy starts again with her rigorous schedule tomorrow. She has been so tired that she starts getting ready for bed at around 7pm now. I am excited to see what new things she is able to do this week. She is going to start working on learning to chew again! We will get that feeding tube out yet!

Thank you all for your support at her booth this weekend. We passed out lots of flyers during the parade regarding the upcoming golf tournament fundraiser. If you have one, but do not golf, please pass it on to someone who does golf. We would really appreciate it. We need as many golfers as possible. We also have many more shirts & bracelets that we need to sell. Please contact me at 316-209-8972 or any of the volunteers via the fundraising blog at if you are interested.

Please continue to pray. Kjerstin is getting close to being able to move from inpatient therapy to outpatient therapy and this will be a huge adjustment for everyone!


  1. i love reading about all the progress kj has made!! stay stong kjerstin! you got this! i'm proudly wearing my 'God is good all the time" shirt today!
    still praying!

  2. Hi my name is Regan and i'm Kjerstin's friend... i am on the yearbook staff this year and i would like to make a dedication to Kjerstin Webb in the year book this year. I need to know her moms number and pictures if you can help please contact me at or