Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Kjerstin said that when she stood up she wasn't dizzy for the first time! She did tell mom that she has a headache all the time. I can only imagine! She has had a fever for the last two days and they aren't sure why. They are running some tests and cultures to see if they can figure it out.

They retested her eyes and they said her eyes are improving so they will be getting rid of her glasses in about a week. She really doesn't like those glasses, so she liked the idea of them going away.

Yesterday was her first class meeting. There are 5 kids at Madonna that are ages 14-17. They have a scheduled class time each day where they all meet and answer questions. If they can't verbalize their answers, they either shake their head or write on their dry erase boards. Kjerstin participated quite a bit. She shook her head and wrote answers. Some of her answers you couldn't read, but at least she wrote them.

Tonight we talked to Mom & Kjerstin on Skype for quite a while. Kjerstin tried to talk some & smiled. She kept reaching up hitting the mute button so Mom couldn't hear us. It took Mom 3 times before she realized what Kjerstin was doing! Then instead of her figuring out how to fix it, we would have to hang up and call back. Kjerstin thought it was funny. At one point Mom was writing notes on the dry erase board and holding them in front of the camera! Then she would start laughing and knock the camera off. Wow! When they came back Kjerstin would be smiling & shaking her head! Yeah! We understand, Kjerstin! We love you Mom, but you are a bit crazy! Anyway, we all had a great time. It was quite entertaining! Mom and technology.....Heaven help us!

I forgot to add that when I left Sunday, I gave Kjerstin a hug and told her I had to go home. She was sitting in her wheelchair. She tried to tell me something several times and kept shaking her head "no". It was very obvious she was upset because I was leaving. She did this with Jerimiah too. It broke my heart. It took everything I had not to cry. The therapist & mom & dad say that Kjerstin does better when we are there. It is so hard to leave her. I wish I could be there more often.

Please don't forget the fundraiser at Luciano's this Saturday from 1-4pm. Live music, food, drinks, raffle and more! And best of all........Jace will be there! Please come and help support Kjerstin!


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