Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Kjerstin's Xrays came back looking good. So, the doctor said she can start trying to take steps, with assistance of course. Her wrist is healing so they said she only has to wear her splint if she asks for it!

Today she wrote to dad on her dry erase board and it said "Sorry dad I got hurt, but I'm getting..... (we think the last word was better). Mom says the longer she writes the harder it is to read! She is working very hard on communicating. Which, is very exciting!

Tonight she told them she had to go to the bathroom, so the nurses helped her up and they took her to the bathroom! Without the wheelchair! Kjerstin had to have a lot of support, but still this was awesome! And... she went potty in the toilet! Wow! Seems funny to say this, since it seems not too long ago I was saying it about her for the first time! UGHHHHH! She was so stubborn about potty training. I thought we were gonna pull our hair out! Now, we are doing it again. (Well, kind of.) Wait until Kjerstin's sees this on the blog! Paybacks, Sis! The perks of being the oldest!!!..... you have all the stories that you can tell about your siblings!!

I can't wait to see her this weekend. I hope we can see improvement and she has good days while we are there.

Please continue to pray!

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