Thursday, August 26, 2010

What a week! It's like Kjerstin has finally turned the corner! She isn't having such a hard time emotionally. She isn't having anxiety attacks or melt downs anymore. She is actually laughing... a Lot! Her & Mom are rather goofy right now. It's probably good for them to finally be able to laugh, though. They are taking outings on a regular basis. Kjerstin isn't left to do anything on her own yet. Not even go to the bathroom. But, the fact that she can go without help is a tremendous improvement!

The goal is for Kjerstin to be out of her wheelchair next week and to come home September 23 & continue out patient therapy at home. They said she will need therapy for a minimum of a year after returning home. We are all very excited about that she gets to come home!

She is talking on the phone to all us now. Colten talked to her yesterday & he was sooo excited! he said she sounds almost normal! She isn't quite completely herself yet, but her progress is amazing! Not only has she done more than they ever said she would, but she has done it faster than the therapists ever fathomed she would!

She flew through learning to chew, so she got her feeding tube out today! Now she can eat whatever she wants! However, she remembered that she is vegetarian, so no more meat!!

We still have to make some changes to the house, though. They said the chances of her having a second head injury are over 50%! So, we have to be extra careful. I will be starting to organize the work on the house next week, so please let me know if you can help.

Kjerstin is doing her school work at the rehab facility right now. She is doing very well. She does reading and comprehension tests. She did research on the internet and is writing a report. She is practicing division and algebra. We are still having problems getting her school coordinated because Derby denied her out of district waiver this year! The therapists were pretty upset. They said Kjerstin does not need any changes, especially drastic ones as they can negatively affect her progress She needs to be with her friends and the staff and facility that she is familiar with. She is a sophomore, so she only has 2 years of high school left after this year. This just blows my mind! Mom can't work in the district any longer because she has to care for Kjerstin. Kjerstin has been in the district since like 2nd grade. You would think they would let her in, especially with the circumstances. Please continue to pray about this as the doctors and therapists feel like this is an issue we need to pursue.


  1. Kenny and I would be happy to bring our tools and help if we can and it is so we can. We are so glad that the family is getting to come home. We will be out of town the weekend of Sept 4th and then I have surgery on Sept 13th. After surgery I will not be much help, but that would have any effect on Kenny helping. Thank you so much for keeping us posted. Here's to Kjerstin!!!!

  2. i think they should let kj go to school in derby.. everyone misses her and wants her back in school with us.. it is rediculous for them to do that.. but just keep trying, she deserves to go to school where she is use to.. and i am praying for her, i am very glad that shes doing so well.. thank you for making the blog and keeping everyone who cares updated..