Saturday, August 28, 2010

Kjerstin is on her way to Olive Garden today! She gets to go out with the family! They do outings every week and she loves it! She gets tired very quickly so they are only for a couple hours. She asked if they could go to the mall, too!~ Can't wait to see how she likes it.

Last night she played UNO and had a great time. Her speech is improving all the time. However, when you ask her a question, she reforms the question into an answer. For example, if you say, " did you have fun playing UNO?" Instead of saying, "Yes", she says, " Yes, I had fun playing UNO". Her feelings are apparent in her communication, it's just different than how she used to communicate. It's more textbook like. They said this will get better as she continues therapy. She shakes her head in an up and down "yes" motion while she speaks. But she smiles and laughs all the time. I think she is acting just like Mom. Heaven help us! The two of them may be more than we can handle :)

She likes playing card games and watching movies. I sent her the Life Series DVD's from Discovery Channel and she really enjoyed those. She is already on DVD #4!

Her dog, Dante is doing well. She asks about him all the time. We are going to try to take him up there next weekend. We found a crate for him. Thank you so much Shannon , Alayna & Heather for helping with that. And Thank you to everyone for praying, donating, organizing fundraisers, working booths at fundraisers, scrapbooking, designing flyers & tshirts, etc. Your support has been phenomenal!

We still have a lot of shirts & bracelets. Please let me know if you would like one and please pass the word on. Shirts are $10 & bracelets are $5.

Golf Tournament is Oct. 9 at Hidden Lakes Golf Course in Wichita. We would love to see you there. OH!.... And......Dad is golfing! Someone needs to video this!!!

Kjerstin doesn't have any therapy today, so she will just be spending time with family. This in itself is therapy, though! She really looks forward to it. She called Mike on Friday morning & said' "When are you gonna be here? Can you leave early?" He canceled his motorcycle ride & left right away to go see her. She said this was the best part of her day yesterday when her therapist asked her!

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