Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Kjerstin got to go to the mall today!! The therapist went with them this time and next time they get to go without the therapist. Kjerstin did awesome! When the door didn't open fast enough, she paused and waited. This is excellent processing for her. She is pretty much walking on her own. There just always has to be someone there to help with balance occasionally and make sure she doesn't trip or fall. Kjerstin went into the store and picked out a shirt off the rack and held it up. She did really good. She did get upset when she was leaving. She said everyone was staring at her. The therapist just told her it was because of her bright red shirt. Later, the therapist told Mom & Dad that it was exciting to hear Kjerstin say that. She went on to explain that it means that her brain is functioning more!

We are still having a lot of tears. Last night it was 2 1/2 hrs of crying and asking why and wanting it to be a nightmare so she could wake up and it would all go away. She won't let Mom leave her sight. Mom and I talked about it this morning. She is very very tired, but what do you do? You just keep going! I told Mom that this stage will pass, but I know it has to be exhausting. I went through it with Kjerstin twice last weekend and it was only 25 minutes long and I was exhausted.

She is eating better and has moved to Phase 2. We are on our way to getting that feeding tube out!

Don't forget to stop by her booth at Old Settler's this weekend and get a shirt & bracelet & information on the golf tournament. We are still in need of many, many golfers! Oct 9 at 8am at Hidden Lakes Golf Course!

Each day she is a little better. Today she told Dad that he & Mom are very patient with her. Wow! It's really starting to come together for her. We still have a long road ahead of us so please continue to pray.


  1. is there going to be any type of booth or fundraising for kjerstin and the family at old settlers??

    keep up the great recovery kj!
    strength, love and prayers
    ~sarah Stengl

  2. She is doing so well!! I know the emotional stage can be hard but it means sooo much! My Aunt was in a similar wreck over 20 years ago and she has been paralyzed ever since and never went through the emotional stage and thus never learned how to express emotions again, so keep that in the back of your mind when it gets tough and remember how much this stage really does have a purpose!

    You are all in my prayers!!