Monday, September 6, 2010

On Sunday, we got to take Kjerstin for another brief outing. We went to Pizza Hut & then her & Mom went to Target, as we all had to drive back home. We moved Dad back home & moved Mom's things into Kjerstin's hospital room. It was really hard for Kjerstin to let Dad go home. After we left, Mom & Kjerstin followed us and Kjerstin had to talk to Dad again & get another hug. She cried & told him she didn't want him to leave. That made Mom & cry, too. On the way home, Kjerstin sent Dad a text and asked him if he was at work yet! She doesn't realize quite how far of a drive home we have.

She was walking much better once she got her insersts & even better when she got her new shoes that didn't cause her feet to hurt! Amazing what inserts can do for your walking & posture. We saw a huge improvement for Kjerstin.

Today Kjerstin got to go watch a friend's soccer game in Lincoln. She really enjoyed it! There were some raindrops that fell while they were sitting there & she thought that was fun. We are always looking out the window, going's raining! Now we have to work in the rain all day or find the umbrellas, etc. Kjerstin has a different outlook when it comes to rain, now. She thanks God that she can actually feel raindrops & see rain! My how our priorities have changed. Makes you stop and think about what things you take for granted in your own life! Is it your family, your job, your kids, your friends, the fact that you can walk? Or what about things like being able to experience emotions, have memories & live through the seasons of life? Whatever it may be in your life, stop and think about that and see if there are some priorities that need changed in your life. We have the gift of a second chance with Kjerstin, but we almost didn't. Will you have a second chance with your loved ones? No one knows. But what we do know is that we have a chance right now to change our priorities & not take life or family for granted.

Please continue to pray. These last few weeks before getting to return home are going to be very hard for Kjerstin.

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