Monday, July 19, 2010

Every Day is A New Degree of Improvement

Kjerstin had a great day!! Today she picked up green and blue balls and handed them back to the therapist. She tried to say, "Yes", but it wasn't very clear. The fact that her lips are moving to form words is Amazing! They quit having her wear the boot on her foot and told us she would have to have a cast, but today they said her flexibility improved so much that she doesn't need it. Another Miracle!! She is blinking her eyes once for "no" and almost twice for "yes". Mom and Dad can tell the difference now. She is able to hold her head better and turn it. She sat in her wheelchair for 3 1/2 hours!! Her goal for this week was 30 minutes. The doctors had their team meeting today, and will continue to every Monday. They had to set new goals for Kjerstin because she had already reached them! YAAAAA!!! Go Kjerstin!! We knew she would exceed their expectations. She always has! That defiant personality that made Mom & Dad crazy is now delighting them. Isn't it funny how God uses everything for the better?!

We had requests to place a link to Kjerstin's fund on the blog site and fundraising blog site, so that you can donate via Paypal. Jerimiah did this tonight, so it is now available.

Please continue to pray.

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