Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Today was a very exciting day! Kjerstin moved a lot. She grabbed onto our shirts and held our hands. She moved her legs a lot. She prefers to have her leg hang off the bed. Every time we put her leg back on the bed, she moved it off. She kept pulling on her gown and when we put it back like it was supposed to be, she would pull it back. She did this several times. It was like a game she was playing. The whole family seems to have good morale, however we are all exhausted. Mom was doing really well today. Kjerstin is scored on a 15 pt. scale. She got three points just for making it to the hospital. This was her score (three) for quite some time. On Friday, at our meeting, they explained that she was a five. we were very happy with the improvement. Today they have moved her up to an 11!!!! This is amazing progress! Also today when they put her in her wheelchair,they let her listen to music. The cord from the headphones was across her nose and she reached up and brushed off of her face. That was very exciting. Tomorrow is a big day, so please continue to pray.

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  1. GREAT update! i check the blog everyday and love hearing the good updates!! still praying for kjerstin and family!!
    ~stengl family