Monday, July 12, 2010

Today Kjerstin got to sit in a reclined wheel chair for 30 minutes. They held a stuffed animal (the Eagle Med Eagle) in front of her and asked her to grab it. She lifted her hand and tried to get it. This was good progress. She watched a little baseball. We have put different things on TV, but nothing seemed to interest here until last night. Dad decided to change the channel and put baseball on. As soon as she heard the ping of the ball hitting the bat, her eyes darted and she started watching the game. Talk about exciting Dad. Just what we need......more of a reason for him to constantly have baseball on the TV. See... Kjerstin is the youngest, so she never had to suffer through the 13 hour road trips to Tennessee listening to the baseball games on the radio! We didn't have ipods or DVR's back then and heaven forbid if Dad missed a game. Oh! and we can't forget the basketball games on the radio too!! (We were such abused children! haha!) One would have never thought that one of the things that made me & Jerimiah crazy would be one of the things that Kjerstin reponds to! There was a change of plans and we will not be going to Nebraska until Wednesday.

Keep Praying!!


  1. sounds like some good recovery!! we will keep kjerstin in our prayers for more great recovery and we'll keep both kjerstin and wendy in our prayers for the move on wednesday! thoughts and prayers to all!!
    ~stengl family

  2. oops i meant linda =) but we will keep the whole family in our prayers as well =)

  3. That's great news! One step forward, no matter how big or small, is still one step closer to recovery. We are all sending up lots of prayers for Kjerstin & the rest of your family!

    Suzie (Barkley) Hurst

    ~Mom (Ann) sends her love to all of you!

  4. Kjerstin is definitely a fighter just like me. Some people don't care much for my independent personality, but it sure sounds like Kjerstin is on her way recovery which runs in determined people like she and I. I made it through a leg amputation with my strong, determined personality and Kjerstin will too. My prayers are constant for her and the whole family. I wish I was closer to help out, but all thoughts are with you.

  5. Thanks you everyone for all the prayers and support. Janice, I will relay this to mom. So nice to hear from you. We didn't know you had an amputation. When Kjerstin gets better, you will have to visit. I bet you can help her with understanding some of her feelings and frustrations with recovery.