Wednesday, July 28, 2010

She flirts!!!

A little background..... Kjerstin's doctor is really cute and the nurses and us call him Dr. McDreamy! I told Kjerstin he is single and not very old so she needed to pay attention to him. I went on to add that once she gets well and is old enough, he should have his student loans paid down and would be a good catch! She just smiled. That was Saturday!.............. Today when he came in, she turned and looked at him and said "Hi" and waved! Yes she spoke around her trach! Then as he was leaving she said "bye!" I love that kid. Mom and Dad thought it was hilarious! Go Kjerstin! Like I told Mom, whatever it takes to get her to work hard at getting better! This may be the one and only time she listens to me so I had to get it on the blog!

Today they worked on point of balance. They sat her on the side of the bed and checked to see if she could balance herself. She was wobbly but when she lost her point of balance, she corrected it. She was able to do this to the right side and the left side and she did it by herself! The therapist said this is awesome and a big big step towards improvement.

Kjerstin also stood up today! The therapist helped her and she had a walker. The time she stood was very short, but she did it 6 times. Mom sent us a picture! I know this may not seem like much, but it is truly amazing! The doctors have even remarked at what a miracle Kjerstin is! This really wore her out! She threw up the last time. She gets really dizzy, though. They are trying to figure out if it's her medicine or just from laying down so much.

Her hemoglobin is finally coming up. She is at 10 and we need her at a minimum of 12. Much better than 4, though! Big improvement. This will help with her energy level.

They are going to put a camera in her nostril on Friday to check her swallowing ability. If she is swallowing good, they will take out her trach. Pray, pray, pray for this. We really want her to be able to talk. It will help sooo much!

For the child that wasn't supposed to live and then wasn't supposed to come out of her coma, she sure is proving them all wrong and she's not done yet! Thank you God for answered prayers and for saving my baby sister. I told Kjerstin she's going to walk again. we won't settle for anything less. We will push her as hard and long as we have to!

I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings. I am soooo excited to see her this weekend. Please continue to pray. We still have long way to go.


  1. I don't know Kjerstin personally, but my cousin Seth is friends with her. Thanks to his worry, I've been praying for her since I found out what happened, and I've been reading along on the blog.

    She sounds like a fighter, and so do all of her family members. Prayers are still being said for her from me. ♥

  2. Minor addition....Neither my dad nor I refer to him as Dr. McDreamy. Just a clarification on the "us".