Sunday, July 25, 2010

She Smiles!!!!

What an amazing day!! Today we found out just what Kjerstin was thinking. She went to therapy and was trying to stand and walk. The therapist had to actually tell her that she couldn't try to walk. That her body wasn't ready yet. We explained the steps of therapy to her, but you could tell she was frustrated. You could read the emotion on her face. She wanted to walk. She wanted to just be well again. She wanted to cry. I wish I had the answers she was looking for, but I don't. I don't know why- Why she has to go through this. We were positive and told her we would get there one step at a time, but that sometimes she would need to cry and that's OK. I am so glad that she is giving it her all.

After therapy, we went back to her room. She kept scratching her head. I asked her if her braid was too tight and if she wanted me to take it out. She just looked at me. I told her to hold up one finger for "no" and two fingers for "yes". After I said it about the third time, Jerimiah said, oh my gosh, Wendy, if she could raise her finger right now, she would flip you off! Kjerstin proceeded to lift her middle finger and flip me off & then she just grinned! We all died laughing. And then we all cried. Even her nurse. That was the first time she smiled! She did it many more times and we all sat around and talked and she would smile at us. Now we know, "our Kjerstin" is with us.

One of the nurses had her daughters bring up seven puppies. We took Kjerstin outside to see them. We put them on her lap and she touched them. One of them licked her on the face and Kjerstin even pet one of them.

Tonight we sat and talked and joked for almost an hour. Kjerstin just smiled and smiled. She laughed several times too. However, when she tries to laugh with the trach in, it makes her cough. Tonight, she coughed a lot, but it was good because she was getting all that phlegm out. We made jokes and would "take cover" when she would start to cough. She would smile while she was coughing we when did that! The reason we had to "take cover" is because the other day her trach cap wasn't on tight and when she coughed hard it went flying across the room and then the phlegm went flying too!! We had so much fun tonight. It gave us a renewed spirit and HOPE! She's going to make a full recovery. We won't accept anything else!

We are excited to go back in the morning. However, it is going to be so hard to leave. I wish she was closer, so we could visit everyday. The nurses said they were so glad we came up this weekend. They said they have seen a big difference in her since we have been here. We have a long way to go, but today was SOOOO exciting.

Please continue to pray.


  1. What wonderful news!! Thanks so much for keeping us all up-to-date on her progress. The possibilities are endless with the power of prayer. :-)

  2. keep smiling KJ!! and keep up your spunky attitude!!
    love and prayers
    -Stengl Family

  3. We are still praying for Kjerstin. God is able to do all things! He is our great creator, and physician. If he could form us, then he can repair our broken bodies. Thank you for keeping up this blog. It gives us hope and a reason to keep on praying for her. Praying that God will continue to show your family and friends that his mighty presence is all around you!