Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Today Kjerstin asked for Rootbeer in her ice chips. They wrote pepsi or lemondade on the dry erase board & Kjerstin wrote root beer. It's hard to read. Looks like a 4 year old wrote it, but still this is awesome. Today she stood, with assistance and they let her try to write. She wrote mom & dad. They asked her if she recognized family members and she shook her head "yes" to all of them. When they asked her if she remembered the accident or her car, she shook her head "no". There are a few other short-term things she does not remember. They said she has some short term memory loss but there is always a chance it could come back. You just never know. Soon we will start showing her more pictures and working on her memory.

We were hoping to get her trach out this week, but today she started coughing up a lot more phlegm. She was almost cleared up. Kjerstin absolutely hates having her lungs suctioned! And we hate seeing her endure it. So, mom asks that everyone prays that her congestion/phlem dries up so that we can work on getting her trach out so she can learn to talk again.

Mom says Kjerstin gets real dizzy when she gets up so her time up is very short. She still can't bear weight on her left leg because of her cracked pelvis. She is still smiling, though. One day at a time is what we keep telling her, and ourselves.

Life has changed. Perspectives have changed for all us. I'm seeing Dad do things I never thought he would do. Good things for Kjerstin........rubbing her feet, catching phlegm, writing in a journal to her! Small miracles are happening all around our big miracle-Kjerstin. Wait until I tell her how her situation has touched so many lives!

We will be scrapbooking Kjerstin's pictures on Friday at the Mulvane Senior Center. Please come join us. I will be going to Nebraska again this weekend, so if anyone would like to send any food, please let me know. Mom & Dad would love anything. Having food there allows them to eat lunch and dinner at the hospital without leaving Kjerstin.

Colten helped me with the blog tonight & he thought Kjerstin's name should be highlighted.

Please continue to pray.

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