Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Today Kjerstin started absorbing all of her food. Kjerstin not absorbing her food has been an issue off and on for several days. However, today was the first day she absorbed all of it prior to her next feeding. Kjerstin originally weighed 140 and now she is down to 116! This is why we are so excited about her absorbing all her food.

She is trying to talk more and more. On the phone today, we told her we missed her & she made all sorts of noises back to us. She sounds like Chewbacca off of Star Wars! They said we will be able to understand her a lot better when they take her trach out.

Her culture came back negative today, so she is over her pneumonia! YAAAAA!! Now she just has to get all of those secretions coughed out of her lungs!

Mom passed her second test regarding suctioning Kjerstin's lungs. Since she did this, Mom & Dad can now take Kjerstin for a walk in her wheelchair without a nurse or therapist. Mom was very excited.

I know these may sound like small things, but in our world they are HUGE! Remember, this is the girl that they first said would never live and then said would probably never wake up. Now we are praying and working towards sitting up alone and then walking. Go Kjerstin! The will is there and the therpaists say Kjerstin's will to get better will make all the difference. I tried to warn them, but I don't think they get it. She is stubborn and fiercely independent. Kjerstin will do what she is told she can't do. She will show them. She has always been that way. I have no idea where she got it!!

A room at one of the facilities opened up today, so Mom & Dad moved from the hotel to it today. They now have a bed, fridge and washer in dryer in their one-room facility. they are pretty excited. It is $35 cheaper a night than what the hotel was charging. Since they have this now, I can take food to them this weekend. So, if anyone would like to send food to them, they would be absolutely delighted. Please let me know. I would like to have it by Thursday night, as I am driving up there on Friday.

Please don't forget the scrapbooking event and the fundraiser on Saturday. Also, we have a ton of bracelets left that we need to sell. Please contact me or a family member to get yours. We are praying for an AWESOME turnout on Saturday. Don't forget that Mom & KJ will be on Skype at 11:15 at the fundraiser.

As always, please continue to pray. Miracles are happening before our very eyes!

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