Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mom's The Word

Kjerstin said "Mom" today. Mom says that is hard to understand but she says it. Kind of like when a baby first starts talking. Today she absorbed all her food. They reweighed her & she is up to 120 lbs. Her nutritionist was very excited! Mom has figured out that when there is a new or loud sound, Kjerstin does better if Mom explains it to her. Mom has also noticed that if she tells Kjerstin what they are doing during therapy and why they are doing it, Kjerstin tries harder. Today they got her in a standing position. Since Kjerstin can't completely hold her head up yet, mom helped hold her head. They used a therapy device to help support Kjerstin's weight with the help of the therapist. They did this for 1min. 45 sec. the first time and 1 min. 30 sec. the second time. Mom made sure they got a picture of it. Today's Xray showed that Kjerstin's broken wrist is healed, so they took the brace off. Her pelvis is healing well, but they still aren't letting her bear any weight on the left side. They have started having her wear glasses to help with her vision problems. One side is covered at a time and they switch sides every four hours. However, Kjerstin took them off and threw them across the room! Imagine that! Mom says they are pretty ugly looking glasses. Bright Pink & really big! We gotta get a picture of that.....I'm thinking next years yearbook?!! Anyway, the nurse put them back on and when she came back in the room, they were crooked because Kjerstin moved them out of her way! At least she didn't throw them this time. The nurse thought that it was great that Kjerstin was able to do this.

I told Mom that I was bringing her and Dad some food and she was very excited. She says that she has her email all figured out and she wants me to make her a facebook page and show her how to use facebook. Watch out world!! Mom is loving the laptop and navigating the internet. I think its a good release for her and she can do it in Kjerstin's room.

I am excited to see her this weekend and see her progress. Please continue to pray. Thank you for all you have done. We couldn't have made it this far without the love and support from all of our friends and family.

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  1. kj's improvement is amazing!!
    still praying for more great improvement and strength for kj and your family!!
    ~stengl family